Project Rebound - UA began providing services on Monday, November 7, 2011. The Alabama Department of Mental Health, through funding by FEMA, initiated Project Rebound to provide relief and assistance in the aftermath of a disaster in partnership with community organizations. Project Rebound began after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and returned multiple times to deal with Alabama natural disasters. Once again, Project Rebound has been reactivated to provide help to survivors of the April 2011 tornado outbreak.

Project Rebound - UA will provide basic crisis counseling to the students, faculty and staff of The University of Alabama through May 2012. Currently, we have 20 graduate students from the Schools of Social Work, Human Environmental Sciences, Commerce & Business Administration, Education, and Arts and Sciences who will serve as our crisis counselors. Our counselors will provide emotional support, education, basic crisis counseling, and will make appropriate referrals to University and community resources.

Project Rebound - UA represents the first time that FEMA has provided such services on a university campus, thus making this a potential model program for dealing with the emotional aspect of natural disasters on a university campus.

Please be aware that the Project Rebound - UA crisis counselors will be in high traffic areas around campus talking with our students, faculty, and staff. You can identify them by their Project Rebound - UA t-shirts and/or Project Rebound - UA name badges.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions about Project Rebound - UA.